Must live, or be professionally based, in the United Kingdom.

May enter a maximum of 2 art or photographic works and can only enter 1 entrepreneurial idea.

Undertakes that the work is of his/her own origination, and that he or she holds all moral and intellectual property rights in that work.

By sending the online registration form, the entrant accepts that any art work, if shortlisted for judging at the show they have chosen and then subsequently any exhibition(s), that the organisers will not be liable for any loss or damage to the said art work, however caused, either in transit to and from the exhibition, or during any period of storage, packing or unpacking, or in any period in which the work is in their keeping.

Is strongly advised if the Artist feels their work to be of significant value to take out their own commercial insurance to cover the work in transit (two-ways) and during the selection/exhibition(s) period. Classic Festivals and Events accept NO responsibility for damage to entrants' artworks in transit or during the time of the competition/exhibitions or while in storage.

The Winner at each of the shows, agrees to the reproduction of their work (at no fee and not for resale) only in association with the competition & exhibitions (including press/publicity/website & catalogue and any other printed material, including the Young Entrepreneur prize winner allowing their prize sponsor to reproduce the prize winning work in order to publicise their sponsorship)

To be eligible to qualify for the Junior artist/photographic prize/s you must be under 16 as at the 5th April, 2014 and the Seniors will be 16 or above as at the 5th April, 2014 and could also win any of the prizes on offer.

To be eligible for the Young Entrepreneurs Competition you must be no younger than 8 or any older than 18 years old as at the 5th April, 2014 and could also win any of the prizes on offer.


A maximum of 2 works may be entered into the competition. Only one image of each work must be submitted.

The image submitted must be true to the artwork (try to avoid unnecessary background) and the Artist must be its author. The art work shown on the image (s) must be available, at the show they have entered for.  The Winner will be announced at the show by the Judges and the prize will be awarded there.

The image(s) and the completed submission form(s) must be submitted online. If you are unable to register or submit online we will accept entries to the address below. Please do not send any artwork to this address.

Classic Festivals and Events


No 14 Earl Soham Business Estate

Earl Soham

Suffolk, IP13 7SA


Full details about entering online, will be given in the confirmation of registration email that you receive once you have registered.

The image (s) and completed submission form must be submitted at least a week before the show entered for. Entries received late will be invalid, unless the competition is extended for any reason then entries received after the new extended date will be invalid.


Must be new or recent (preferably in the last 3 years).

Paintings, drawings, original prints and mixed media constructions (of no more than 30cms in depth) are accepted.

Art and photographs will be accepted but video or sound art will NOT.

Must not exceed 183cms x 183cms (including the frame) and must not project more than 30cms from the wall

Work made up of more than one piece, such as a diptych or triptych, must also be no larger than 183cms x 183cms x 30cms, in total, when displayed on the wall (including the frame).



If you feel you have not been judged fairly after your acceptance of our conditions of entry, please send us details of your complaint and we will review it within 14 days.